by Dancy

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dancy's debut album. we began recording this in the summer of 2012 at the now famous-then un-named "let it roll" studios in marlborough, ct. we hope that you enjoy our journey through song.


released June 4, 2013

dancy is:
dan garaffa (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, hand claps)
nancy michaud-wozniacki (vocals, ukulele, percussion, hand claps)

additional album musicians:
ed sabourin on electric guitar (tracks 3 and 7)
tim braun on accordion (track 7) and keyboard (tracks 1-5, 6 & 9)
ruth kennedy with back-up vocals (tracks 1,4, 7, 9 & 10)
kevin hugh on drums (tracks 1-4, 6-7, 9 & 10)
laura sabourin with hand claps (track 10)

cover photo: michael mcdevitt
recorded/mixed by: ed sabourin at let it roll studios
mastered by: jonathan j. abarca at jja studios
album layout/design: dan garaffa



all rights reserved


Dancy Connecticut

the duo met while in a mutual rock fusion-y band: organic chemistry. somewhere along the way nancy wanted to sing live and dan wanted to do the same, so dancy was born.

apart from the typical ukulele and acoustic guitar played by nancy and dan respectively, additional instrumentation includes but not limited to: spoons, percussion, drums, bass, electric guitar, organ, squeeze box, etc.
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Track Name: Big City Blues
Sittin’ on a stool in a smoke-filled bar
Singing someone else’s words and playing my guitar
There’s people drinkin’ and dancin’ too
All havin’ a good time so why so blue?

I had big city dreams
That I’d make it out one day
Kept that ideal so close, helped me make it through this way
Now my big city blues
Are not going away
So I will sit, sing songs, to get paid

Cynical or honest, I can never decide
Choose what you want: you’re the one with a quarter in my side
Each night is just a little bit worse than the last
Floatin’ through this storm of life, surviving on my dimes
Track Name: I Guess I Won't Forget
Baby is it true?
Was I no good to you?

'Cause baby, I tried. I tried, I tried.
Did I make you feel lonely?
Well, I didn't mean to.

I guess I won't forget when I had you.

Thought I was so clever, never reaching for forever.
Thought I'd be satisfied with no one by my side.
...'till the day I saw you, but I was such a fool.
And I guess I won't forget when I had you.
Track Name: Today and the Rest of Our Lives
Today I woke up with snow in my eyes
Cold and a little bright
Over the hillsides in front of the road signs:
Where you slept last night

Today I can't see you,
But still I'll make it through:
Tonight we start our lives

We all have these times in our lives
Where the stars must have aligned
They got together, thinking pretty clever
About what is next for the sky

Today we woke up, together forever
Not knowing what's next for our path
Still we push on, without knowing what's wrong
Or what's right
Track Name: Toodle-oo
When I ran away to California,
To find a cure for the stars in my eyes
I always thought someday I'd come back to Georgia,
To find you, darling, and become your bride.

I thought by now, I'd be in the movies
Sipping champagne with all the stars out there
But directors here, if they don't know your name, dear,
They don't look, they don't even care.

Toodle oo, Toodle oo, my darling.
Hollywood's got a moat called LA.
Toodle oo, Toodle oo, my darling.
Swimming it is like winning the lottery.

It's funny the things you do when you lose everything,
When a chemical becomes your only friend.
My breakfast spoon is warming over a candle
So I can feel like I'm in heaven again.

I got raccoon eyes, and holes in my stockings,
platinum hair with roots down to my ears,
big black veins up and down my arms, dear...
and all the while, I wish you were here.

Toodle oo, Toodle oo, my darlling.
Don't you try to come and find me now.
Toodle oo, Toodle oo, my darling.
Try to forget about me somehow.

Oh......What a shame I've become.

With my raccoon eyes and holes in my stockings...
Waiting on the corner for a ride.
Sometimes I don't even know my name, dear.
Sometimes I wish I'd curl up and die.

Toodle oo, Toodle oo, my darling.
I wish I knew the right words to write.
Toodle oo, Toodle oo, my darling.
I've got to go, I've got to say goodbye.
Track Name: True Love
You told me that you loved me
When you woke up next to me
And even though I couldn't see,
I told you I'd be there

It's always easier to, have someone next to you
To tell them, that you love them too
No matter what they do, you'll always have the truth
And true love found

You told me that you missed me, when I wasn't there
And even though I may be in Cleveland,
You know my mind, is by your side
My mind is always by your side

Now look at us, the years have come and gone
But you're still the only one for me
Now I look at you, and tell you "I love you",
You smile, 'cause you know it's true
Track Name: Our Song
I sing our song when I'm alone
And sometimes I can hear you sing along
Well I know I'm wrong, I know you're gone
But a part of me that's still hanging on

I've walked about 10,000 miles,
Pacing back and forth in what once was our house
I've waited here, for 40 years,
All I want is to feel you near, are you still here?
'Cause I need you now

They're saying that I should go
But I can't leave you alone

I see plain as day, they'll get their way
They'll what they want to keep me safe
So when I'm gone, I'll sing our song
I hope you can find me and follow along
'Cause I need you now

They're saying that I can't be alone,
But there's so much that they don't know
I'll be so alone if I go,
'Cause honey there's no place like home.
Track Name: Famous Singer
Your grandfather was a famous singer
Travelin' around from town to town
And by the lights he'd follow
The path to the road, to wherever it had led him down

Your grandmother was a famous lady
Fabulous in beauty and in mind
Each night she'd walk around the town, everybody they wanted her life

Away take it away from me

"Loneliness ain't welcome 'round here" Pa'd say.
"Why can't I just be happy?
All the green and gold in this world cannot bring me
To where I want to be."

Pa would come home late at night, you see
Sometimes he'd be away
A dirty suit and a broken harp, filled with disgust
Was all that he had to our names

Your grandma woke early one morning to
A sound that she had not heard in years
It was the man that she'd loved long ago,
Before he had driven her to tears

"I've been gone for too long, you see
My plan was f'ed up beyond belief
The one thing I thought that I needed was always
Right here in front of me".
Track Name: The Shadows
I pick my head up from the ground I lay upon
A night spent forgetting, drowning in songs
In between the melody, the meanings of these words
Lives a man who's broken down; a man who's not heard

Tell me which way you're heading now
And if you want some company
But if you want to stay the night
Then that's alright with me

Drink in the day to prepare him for the night
On top of a wooden throne,
He's a man alright, of the hour, of this small country town
He's been hidden beneath layers of sound

Covered his arms, all the places he has been
Regretful; some of them, or all of them
Never standing in the shadows, or alone for a while
He'll pretend, till the end, with a smile
Track Name: What About Me?
I see you walk, walk away
I'm not gonna beg you to stay
I'll see you around, by and by
I won't make a scene, I won't cry

But I've got one question for you,
If you've got some time left for me

"What am I supposed to do,
When yours is the only thing I want to be?
What about me?"

You've got nothing left to say
You have made it very clear to me anyway
I suppose we'll both heal over time
Maybe someday you will be a friend of mine

But you were so convincing,
That you made a fool out of me
What about me?

I guess I will live a brand new life
I guess I'll become someone else's wife
Maybe you will sit alone and cry

Thinking about us and wonder why
Why you ever threw away your love
That was real, that was true
What about you?

I can't sit upon a shelf, keeping myself free
What about me?
Track Name: You Were a Waste of My Time
Drivin' cross the country and I hear your name
Trying to forget what you become
But how you went and left, I can't forget that

I don't know if you remember that day
You were snifflin' and drinkin' and slippin' away
I stepped over you on the floor to get to the door

You were a waste of my time

Saw your face the other day,
You looked away when I looked your way
So high on yourself, you know I can't forget that

Every time I let you see me again,
You creep on in, you pretend you're my friend
You beg me to take you back, but I can't forget that